Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve

other creatures


Driving up to the guesthouse, please drive carefully, the Angulate tortoises regularly and very slowly navigate the gravel roads in the reserve and can resemble a rock.

A multitude of rock agamas has a continuous presence around the house as well as the red sided skink. Both tortoise species, the Angulate tortoise and the Parrot beaked tortoise are regularly seen and one of the roads on the farm is for some reason a favourite place for combat between Angulate tortoise males during mating season.

Over 10 species of snake crawl around on farm 215. Though some of these are venomous, participating in traffic is a much riskier activity than walking barefoot in The Overberg without looking down.

Though the first remark of many guests on their arrival is “it is so silent here”, it is absolutely not silent. Depending on the season, various species of frogs and toads chirp, click, quack, snore and bleat almost continuously. The Overberg is frog country and various species are endemic, such as the small Arum lily reed frog that is especially common in the wetlands on farm 215.

Insects … so many, so much to tell. Where to start ?