Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve



Due to the different habitats, animals are abundant in the reserve. A large tribe of baboons roams around and spends the night at the foot of the waterfall. Six different “bokkies” (antelope species : Grysbuck, Klipspringer, Common duiker, Bushbuck, Grey rhebuck  and Steenbok) are resident or regular visitors.

Cape leopard, Cape fox, Bat-eared fox, genet, honey badger, cape clawless otter, caracal, porcupine and mongoose regularly leave visible traces.

In spite of their abundance in the Cape Floral Kingdom, the land-animals are mostly too shy to advertise their presence. The baboons in this area are still naturally wild and keep a safe distance from men, the six species of antelope, the presence whereof has been confirmed in the fynbos reserve, retreat to thick bush during the light of day and the presence of leopard, caracals, honey badgers and genets is sometimes established by a quick shadow but mostly on the basis of the very down to earth art of analyzing faeces.

But their world is revealed in detail through the extensive camera-trap system in the reserve and the conservancy, even allowing us to follow leopard cubs from their first baby-steps to adulthood.