Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve

horse riding


Farm 215’s partner, the African Horse Company, keeps a herd of its horses at Farm 215.

Apart from riding in and around the reserve for anything between 1 and 6 hours (and for every experience level), the African Horse Company offers more-day trails (up to 10 days) in the area between Stanford and Cape Agulhas. All these trails start at Farm 215. The African Horse Company has access rights to all the land of the Agulhas National Park and the local reserves managed by Cape Nature as well as to most of the privately owned land in the area.

These trails are the real wilderness experiences meandering through a plethora of different landscapes. All outrides and trails are guided. The guides are experienced horse riders with an intimate knowledge of the area.

The horses of the African Horse Company are Boereperd crosses and perfectly suited for the local terrain: compact, confident and sure-footed. All the horses are experienced trail horses, mild-mannered and very comfortable with people.

 The horses roam freely as a herd, are adapted to the local climate and never stabled. As a result the horses are strong and full of energy.