Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve



Over 800 plant species are represented on farm 215, including 34 species of the Protea family, over 30 Erica species, more than 20 Orchid species, 16 moraeas, 15 Gladiolus species and 50 “red data species” (species listed on the IUCN red data list to reflect that their continued survival in the wild is threatened).

Peak flowering times are spring and autumn, but there are always many species flowering all year round.

From far, the hilly and mountainous lands of the fynbos reserve look clean, accessible and kind of bleak. When you start walking however, things become bushy and colourful and you realize immediately why the Southern Overberg is sometimes called “The Heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom”, the smallest but richest of the 6 floral kingdoms in the world.

If you wish to know and explore fynbos, there are 800 hectares of various natural habitats and even more plant species to explore. Take a few steps and you pass by more plant-species than you would, driving a few kilometres in Europe. Drive a few kilometres and the chance is big that you are outside of the natural range of the plant you just saw.