Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve



The Southern Overberg has a rich birdlife –over 300 species from the large Blue Crane, South Africa’ s national bird, to the small Cape Sugarbird (endemic to the Western Cape)- bringing people from far to this part of the Southern Overberg.

The rare Cape eagle owl and Black harrier both have raised chicks in the reserve for several consecutive years. The Black eagle keeps our hyrax population in check. The Fish eagle regularly flies overhead and the Martial eagle has its favourite spots close to the guesthouse.

Several bird-species are strictly confined to the small area of the fynbos-biome of the Western Cape. The Cape rockjumper, Cape sugarbird, Orange breasted sunbird, Cape siskin, Protea canary and Victorin’s warbler are all endemic to the cape floral kingdom and all occur on farm 215. In the veld of farm 215 the Cape sugarbird (feeding on the nectar of proteas) and sunbirds, such as the Orange breasted sunbird, Malachite sunbird and Doublecollared sunbird (mostly feeding on the Erica species) are most conspicuous, partly because of their striking colours, partly because of their nervous jumps from bush to bush and partly because they are not shy.