Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve



The coastline of the Overberg is the meeting place of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The warm Agulhas current washes the eastern coast of the Overberg to meet the cold Benguela current flowing from Africa’s west-coast. As a result, the marine life is immensely rich, diverse and specific. Of the more than 10.000 marine creatures on the South African coast, one third is endemic (meaning: they only occur in South Africa and not anywhere else in the world).

Looking down from farm 215, you can see Pearly Beach, the longest undisturbed sand-beach of the Overberg; Danger Point, the peninsula of doom for the famous HMS Birkenhead; Dyer Island & Geyser Rock, home to 50.000 Cape fur seals, thousands of African penguins and numerous other birds; the coastal plains, haven to some of the rarest plant-species in the world and the Atlantic ocean, where the Great white sharks cruise and the Southern right whales float just under the shore.

Long and pristine sand beaches as well as cliff-paths along the shoreline are the perfect setting for beautiful walks and there are several bays, coves and small beaches which are naturally protected and safe for swimming.