Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve

agulhas plains


Farm 215 looks out over a large chunk of the Agulhas Plains, the area between the lagoon at the Victorian village of Stanford and the Agulhas National Park. Even today in the Agulhas Plains, you’ll find the pace of life leisurely and the people most friendly and unassuming, unspoilt by the excesses of the city. Modern civilization came late to the Agulhas Plains and nature has benefited most from the erstwhile seclusion. Most of the coastline remains pristine. The large numbers of whales, sharks and birds along the shores draw watchers from all over the globe. And the unique and colourful “fynbos”-flora has engendered a world-wide following of flora fundi. Today’s realization that this special nature is irreplaceable and performs essential economic functions in the production of both water and top-soil as well as carbon-storage and tourism, assures intelligent further local development in harmony with nature.

Towns and villages in the Agulhas Plains are few and far in between and are all small, compact and still have the pace and leisure of characteristic rural towns. It includes special and historical places like Elim and Stanford, the working fishing village of Gansbaai and –obviously- Africa’s Southernmost point Cape Agulhas.