Farm 215´s picture galleries.
Lomond Vineyards, is an award wining pioneer in the Agulhas Wine Region, the newest wine region in the Western Cape of South Africa. Lomond is a member of the Biodiversity Wine Initiative and a co-member of the Walker Bay Conservancy. On top of that Lomond makes great wines, which are obviously all on the winelist of farm 215.
Platbos Forest between Gansbaai and Stanford is an indigenous forest with trees up to one thousand years old. Platbos Forest offers informative woodland trails for bird and nature lovers.
Technically speaking not our neighbour since the African Horse Company has its base on farm 215. The African Horse Company is our partner and its horses live and roam freely as a ntural herd in the reserve.
The home of certified sustainable harvesting of wild flowers and a stunning valley. Flower Valley Trust is also the implementation agent of the Agulhas Biodivesrity Initiative (ABI). Flower Valley is a co-member of the Walker Bay Conservancy.
The website of the Walker Bay Conservancy. Farm 215 is a member of the Walker Bay Conservancy. Walker Bay Conservancy stretches for 13´000 hectares from the Hermanus Lagoon (Klein River Estuary) in the North to the reserve of farm 215 in the South-east. The website of the Walker Bay Conservancy is one of the best information sources on the web about the Cape Floral Kingdom.
The reserve of farm 215 is situated in the hinterland of Danger Point Peninsula, the peninsula that separates Gansbaai from Kleinbaai. This website provides the most extensive information on the web about the Gansbaai area and its hinterland.
The website of Jason Stonehewer, conservationist and marine guide in Pearly Beach.
Neighbouring hamlet Baardskeerdersbos is home to several talented artists and the Baardkseerderbos Art Route is organized twice a year.
Hiking and mountain biking in the Uilkraal Valley.
Describes the Cape Agulhas National Park between the Danger point Peninsula Area and Cape Agulhas, Africa’s southern-most tip.
Site provides very good information on the different biomes of South Africa.
The website of the botanical society of South Africa.
On line data bank of the world’s endangered species. Farm 215 contributed some of the photo material with regard to some endangered fynbos plants.
A site about the fantastic world of the Cape Floral Kingdom and – since all South African vineyards are in the middle of the Cape Floral Kingdom – the special responsibility of winegrowers to be eco-friendly.
The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) raises awareness about South Africa´s marine resources and broader resource issues, promoting understanding, support and participation in the protection, sustainable utilisation and conservation of South Africa´s living marine resources.
Boat based whale watching operation and certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) . Based in nearby Kleinbaai. Out of whale season Dyer Island Cruises operates eco marine boat tours around Dyer Island and Geyser Rock.
Marine Dynamics, the sister company of Dyer Island Cruises is a shark cage diving operation certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA).
Shark cage diving operation and certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) based in nearby Kleinbaai.
A stunning guesthouse on top of the cliffs in De Kelders overlooking the Walker Bay. The owners, Stanley and Lainey Carpenter are colleagues, but dear friends as well. De Kelders is 14 km from the reserve of farm 215. It is one of the world’s best land-based places to spot whales.
Gerhard & Shalene Pirker’s Seafront Guesthouse on the cliffs of De Kelders. All rooms have panoramic views of Walker Bay, over to Hermanus and, on a clear day, the Cape of Good Hope. Experience the relaxed atmosphere where Mediterranean living meets South African hospitality. Shalene is also our webdesigner.
Luxury retreat in historic Swellendam. Contemporary and clean design.
Located in the Elim Ward of the Agulhas Wine Region, the Black Oystercatcher vineyards produce sauvignon blanc and two stunning red blends. The Black Oystercatcher has a restaurant open for lunches and wine tasting. The Black Oystercatcher is certified by the Biodiversity Wine Initiative (BWI).
A champion of the Biodiversity Wine Initiatve (BWI). The vineyards are located the hinterland of the reserve of farm 215, but the wine cellars are in more accessible Hermanus.
Stanford Hills Winery, near the Victorian Village of Stanford, produces an award winning Pinotage under the label of Jacksons Pinotage.
Trees for Tourism (TfT) is a vehicle for tourists and companies affiliated in any manner with the tourism industry, to counterbalance their tourism-related footprint. Farm 215, Platbos Forest and Serendipity Africa are the founding partners of Trees for Tourism.
The website of Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa. “Making tourism more responsible and more rewarding”.
!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Centre, 70 km north-west of Cape Town offers you the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa. The San themselves will take you on a journey into their history, traditional knowledge, skills, languages, customs and current affairs.
The Fynbos birding routes and other birding routes and registered Important Birding Areas (IBA´s) in the Overberg.
The website of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative. Sustainable wine production through the adoptation of biodiversity guidelines. Most of the wines served at farm 215 are from wine producers which are members of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative.
Website about the Victorian village of Stanford. Stanford is 24 km from farm 215.
Website of the Agulhas National Park.
The Nuwejaars Special Management Area is bordering the Agulhas National Park and is managed to serve the interests of nature in equal manner to that of nature. Hippo and buffalo have been released in the Nuwejaars Special Management Area.
The Walkerbay Reserve of Cape Nature stretches from De Kelders next to Gansbaai to the Klein river estuary between Stanford and Hermanus.
The Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) is a landscaping project for the area between De Hoop Reserve and the Klein river estuary.
De Uijlenes is a wedding venue on one of the oldest farms in the Uilkraal Valley.
De Murasie is a wedding and function venue between farm 215 and Baardskeerdersbos.

farm 215 private nature reserve links
farm 215 private nature reserve links