Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve



On this page you will find a selection of 400 pictures of the private nature reserve of farm 215 and its guesthouse as well as images of what goes on in and around the reserve.

farm 215 accommodation fynbos suite
the accommodation 1
Farm 215 accommodation dining & breakfast room
the accommodation 2
Farm 215 accommodation fynbos suite outside
the accommodation 3
the reserve gallery link
the reserve
farm 215 horse riding and trails
horse riding & trails
Reforestation seedling trays
Blouhuis Baardskeerdersbos
blouhuis bardskeerdersbos
a field of fynbos overlooking the lake and the farm 215 reserve in the background
the area 1
the area 2
Cape Leopard in fynbos - Panthera pardus
Blue crane couple - Grus paradisea - Conservation status Vulnerable
a back burn to stop the fire moving into cultivated fynbos
fynbos & fire
the leucadendron elimese is endangered and endemic to the agulhas plains
fynbos red data
protea speciosa
fynbos protea 1
leucospermum cordifolium the common pincushion
fynbos protea 2
gladiolus gracilis
fynbos iris
brunsvigia orientalis
fynbos bulbs various
satyrium rhynchanthum
fynbos orchids
phaenocoma prolifera
fynbos various 1
brunia laevis
fynbos various 2