Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve

farm215 COVID protocols

farm215 COVID safety protocols

Space still comes naturally at Farm 215 – Private Nature Reserve

The accommodation is in different buildings. The freestanding fynbos-suites are spaced 50 m apart surrounded by pristine nature.  The homestead is accessed through a large courtyard and the guests will have their own dedicated dining, accessed through different entrances. The pool is connected to the buildings via a 50 m long boardwalk.

Safety protocols

Farm 215 – Private Nature Reserve operates in accordance with the “Tourism Industry Standard Protocols for COVID 19 Operations” of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa.

This includes mask and glove-wearing by all staff at all times, hand-sanatising by staff after leaving and before entering a new unit or space, PPE clothing worn by staff during cleaning of rooms, all surfaces sanistised each time a room is entered, checking of temperature of staff when they get in for work.

To avoid sharing inside space during check in or check out, this will take place in the covered courtyard where there is also a handwashing station installed. Hand sanitizer is provided for at the entrance to all spaces and rooms.

Extra spacing has been created so that each rooms/suite has its own dedicated  breakfast/lunch/dinner table in its own segment of either the restaurant (for the fynbos suites) or the downstairs floor of the homestead (for the homestead rooms) so that guests will have their own private spot with more than secure social distancing for the duration of their stay.

Serving of meals -all plated- will take place on dedicated side tables from which the guests can help themselves in order to maintain proper distance between guests and staff.

Staff will not enter the suites or rooms during the guests’ stay unless a “turn-around clean” is specifically requested by guests at check-in and staff will only enter any space on a “need-to-be” basis.

All guest information, including a map of the hiking trails of the reserve are provided electronically.

Till further order Farm 215 – Private Nature Reserve is not open to any person other than guests of the guesthouse and staff.

The above protocols may change depending on regulations, developments and circumstances.

Download and print these farm215 COVID safety protocols.