Farm 215’s partner, the African Horse Company, has its base-station on farm 215. The horses of the African Horse Company roam freely in the reserve and in a part of the Lomond Wine Estate and meander from pasture to pasture while taking the grasses out of the natural field while in transit. Taking into consideration that this area used to be the habitat of several large herbivores, including black rhinos and zebras, the presence of a small herd of horses is fully compatible with our nature conservation standards. By far the best way to discover the reserve and the surroundings is on horse-back.

Apart from riding in and around the reserve for anything between 1 and 6 hours (and for every experience level), the African Horse Company offers more day trails (up to 10 days) in the area between Stanford and Cape Agulhas. The African Horse Company has access rights to all the land of the Agulhas National Park and the local reserves managed by Cape Nature as well as to most of the privately owned land in the area. These trails (where you cross only one tar road) are the real wilderness experiences meandering through a plethora of different landscapes. All outrides and trails are guided. The guides are experienced horse riders with an intimate knowledge of the area.

The horses of the African Horse Company are Boereperd crosses and perfectly suited for the local terrain: compact, confident and sure-footed. All the horses are experienced trail horses, mild-mannered and very comfortable with people. The horses roam freely as a herd in as much of a natural state as possible, are adapted to the local climate and never stabled. As a result the horses are strong and full of energy. Experienced horse riders will immediately notice this when they want to “rough” it: descend along steep mountains or go in endless gallops.

The Southern Overberg is an excellent horse-riding region. There are practically no tar-roads and signs of human-made infrastructure and civilization are far apart. The sense of a horse ride through pure wilderness quickly comes to mind.

The African Horse Company is an established company in South Africa, working with horses and operating horse trails in several parts of the Western Cape for many years. The experienced horse guides are very familiar with the terrain as well as with local plant- and wild-life. Groups are small (up to 6 people excluding guide). When not on a horse-trail, the African Horse Company keeps his horses as a herd; the horses roam freely from pasture to pasture.

As a result of the permission of all relevant private- and public- land-owners (including Walker Bay Nature Reserve and Agulhas National Park) granted to the African Horse Company to transit their land, practically all of this part of the Southern Overberg is open for our trail-riders, including some hidden gems that are mostly off-limits, a rare privilege. The co-operation between farm 215 and the African Horse Company is not only a practical one. Both companies are of the same spirit and stand for the same principles and standards of sustainable- and responsible- tourism.

Looking at the extreme variety of the landscape in this region of the Southern Overberg as well as the unique approach of the African Horse Company, these horse trails are amongst the most exciting in South Africa. Please contact us for fact sheets with detailed features of the trail and rates.

This is what the African Horse Company says about itself:

“African Horse Company offers an opportunity to experience the horse in its role of travelling partner and friend. The African Horse Company has established itself in the Western Cape province of South Africa: specifically in Cape Town, Hermanus, Stanford and the area of the Southern Overberg and the Agulhas Plains. Through the fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, (a world heritage site and a vegetation type restricted to the Western Cape of South Africa) our horse rides cover rugged mountain terrain and kilometers of wide beach and dune coastline of the famous whale coast of the Overberg. Horses used are South African crossbreeds. The bloodlines being Boerperd, Arab, Saddler and Friesian. Our horses range freely as a herd and are fully adapted to the environment with regards to grazing, weather and terrain. Noted for their endurance and sure footing, these horses are the ideal partner and friend for many day trails. African Horse Company invites you to join on a journey through thousands of hectares of pristine nature unchanged since the days of the original residents in the Overberg, the Khoekhoen. A unique opportunity to experience whales along the beach and proteas in the mountains. To follow the routes of the early settlers in the Cape, to stay in rustic farm cottages or up-market guesthouses. To savour the wines and cuisine of the Cape, to swim with your horse in the ocean and sleep under the stars in a truly beautiful part of South Africa.”

farm 215 and the african horse company horse trails
farm 215 and the african horse company horse trails